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Prefect Agencies introduces PayPod’™, a self-service cash payment system allowing customers to pay by cash, receive change automatically and quickly move through the check-out.  Innovatively designed for busy venues,  PayPod™ increases customer flow, provides superior customer engagement and eliminates costly cash-handling.

Why PayPod™?

The value of cash-transactions is declining, but there is still over $70 billion in circulation and use in Australia, which needs to be counted, transported and banked.  Paypod™ slashs end-of-shift cash-handling costs and enhances cash security, providing premium counterfeit detection as standard.

Cash-in-Transit costs are significantly reduced by Paypod’s™ cash-recycling capability.  Made of quality European components, PayPod™ delivers immediate business benefits on installation.

Business Benefits and PayPod™

PayPod™ increases customer flow during peak times, speeding up customer interactions , increasing staff productivity and allowing more customers to be served during the height of rush hour increasing turnover and providing a sharp increase in profits.

PayPod’™ accepts and dispenses change automatically, allowing staff to concentrate on customer engagement instead of counting out change, alleviating hygiene concerns, eliminating shrink and enhancing the customer experience, an important factor in repeat business.

The Customer and PayPod™

Offering a convenient and seamless payment experience, PayPod’™ allows customers to obtain their change quickly and accurately ensuring that they move through the check-out process faster, reducing queues and wait times.

PayPod™ and your POS

The benefits of PayPod™ are instant.  No development work, no complex integration and no need to change your existing Point-of-Sale software.  PayPod™ integrates effortlessly into your existing Point-of-Sale, providing all the benefits without any of the usual pain-points.

The benefits are clear; PayPod’™ increases customer flow, elevates productivity, enhances cash-security and reduces Shrinkage.

Call us now to see how PayPod™ can help your business. Join the revolution!

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