What the martial arts can teach convenience

At yesterday’s AACS Convenience Leaders Summit, keynote speaker Peter Thurin, the founder of the ‘blackbelt in excellence’ concept addressed the topic “Be the best you can be – easy to do, easy not to do”.

Claiming a ‘black belt’ in experience – as well as in real life ­ Peter delivered an engaging and thoroughly entertaining address. With a sharp sense of humour he engaged the audience, encouraging participation and demonstrating his points with flair.

Not afraid to engage with the audience. Peter Thurin gets up close and personal.

Asking “what is the environment you create by the things you do (and don’t do)?” Peter inspired the audience to “Cheer for each other”, noting that the hardest thing is life is “having a go”.

The more than 250 strong audience is attentively listening and ready to cheer each other on.

In a martial arts inspired demonstration audience volunteers “had a go” at punching through wooden planks. All four volunteers were able to break the (approx) 30 cm square wooden panels by taking good aim and following through with their punch delivery.

Peter Thurin explains the importance of setting the target and a good delivery in order to break through the barrier.
We’re going to hit it hard…
First volunteer, Cara, takes careful aim. Cara was able to successfully punch through on the first attempt.
Next in line, Kate smashes through on her second attempt.
Chris follows through after successfully breaking the plank in two.
Phil shakes hands with Peter as he  leaves the stage after successfully smashing his plank. What a great job – all four volunteers broke through the barrier.

Peter’s advice for business similarly emphasised the importance of setting your goal and being consistent in your aims and following through with good delivery. Businesses that take this advice to heart are likely to achieve things they never thought possible and break down the barriers to success.

Details of other presentations, events and happenings at the AACS Convenience Leaders Summit and Gala and Dinner Awards will be progressively posted to www.c-store.com.au throughout the coming week.

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