It’s official! Coca-Cola Life release


Today Coca-Cola South Pacific announced that from early April their highly anticipated new product Coca-Cola Life will be available nationally across Australia. Sarah Kelly, Public Relations Manager, Coca-Cola South Pacific told C&I WEEK that, “the product roll out will be very fast, in fact it should be one of the fastest of the year. As such it will be going out to all channels”.

According to Ms Kelly, “There will be more than 10 million packs going out in the first month”.

Why is it important?

Coca-Cola Life is expected to breathe new life into the beverages segment. Coca-Cola Life has been developed in response to consumer demand to shake up the category, and brings the refreshment and taste of Coca-Cola, with 35% less sugar and kilojoules than regular Coca-Cola.

Lisa Winn, Coca-Cola South Pacific Marketing Director, said, “Coca-Cola Life truly is another example of us keeping in step with consumer demands.

“We’re extremely excited to be offering Coca-Cola Life in Australia, a great addition to the Coca-Cola family. We’re confident that the new formulation is what consumers have been looking for. We’ve achieved the best possible taste of Coca-Cola, but with 35% reduced sugar and kilojoules. Coke Life isn’t simply a new product from Coca-Cola – it’s another great choice for people who want a delicious Coca-Cola to fit their lifestyle. There is a Coca-Cola option for everyone.”

What will it look like?

The new formulation arrives with a bold and larger-than-life green packaging that proudly differentiates it from the other members of the Coca-Cola portfolio in Australia.


Coca-Cola Life is the first major brand from Coca-Cola in Australia to combine sugar and the natural sweetness of stevia, demonstrating the company’s innovation and drive to remain Australia’s favourite soft drink brand (Source: Aztec Database 2014 12mmt). As only the fourth drink to be launched in the Trademark’s 128 year history, Coca-Cola Life has been developed in response to consumer demand to shake up the category, and brings the refreshment and taste of Coca-Cola in a fresh format designed to appeal to consumers looking for reduced-sugar options.

Who will be drinking it?

Although the launch campaign targets “30-49 year old balance seekers, looking for a great tasting cola with fewer kilojoules, using a natural sweetener”, it is anticipated that Coca-Cola Life will have widespread appeal and that a rapid consumer uptake.

Sarah Kelly, Public Relations Manager, Coca-Cola South Pacific told C&I WEEK that, “Convenience and immediate consumption channels will be important for helping to us to get Australians to try Coke Life. We believe consumers will love it once they try it.”

How will it be packaged?

COCA-COLA LIFE will be available in a 250ml can, 330ml glass bottle, 375ml can, 390ml PET bottle, 450ml PET bottle, 600ml PET bottle, 1L glass bottle, 1.25L PET bottle, 8x200ml cans, 4x330ml glass bottle and 10x375ml cans.

How will it be promoted?

Challenging consumers to ‘Let Life Surprise You’, the latest addition to the Coca-Cola family will be backed by a high-impact multimillion dollar marketing campaign across multiple channels, including TVC, cinema, OOH, print, digital, PR and sampling.


The launch is supported by a large scale cross-channel marketing investment, which will run throughout April and May. Led by the launch TVC, the campaign will use the locally created ‘Let Life Surprise You’ core creative idea to intrigue, educate and engage consumers, reinforcing that Coca-Cola will travel near and far to ensure its products are available for everyone.

High-impact OOH display will build scale at iconic locations including Sydney’s Kings Cross sign and a takeover of Melbourne’s Southern Cross Station. A strong investment in transit will play on the theme of surprise. Tailored messaging will urge commuters to “come along for the ride” or “take a detour” on their way home.

Further impact in-store will be created by surprising consumers with sampling opportunities, disruptive premium point-of-sale and national vending machine takeovers.


What is Stevia, why is it used?

Stevia helps keep kilojoule counts down because it’s 200 times sweeter than sugar—that means a little goes a long way.

In 2013, Coca-Cola made a commitment to offer lower kilojoule options including making stevia sweetened beverages more available to consumers, and the launch of Coca-Cola Life this is another step in fulfilling this commitment.

Geoff Parker, CEO, Australian Beverages Council said, “The beverage industry is always looking to respond to Australian consumers and their needs. Coca-Cola Life is a great example of this – we know consumers are asking for more choice and particularly stevia sweetened beverages. Coke Life is an innovation that is expected to really excite the category and draw people into the soft drink category.”

Advice for convenience stores

Jeff Rogut, CEO of the Australasia Association of Convenience Stores says that for convenience stores the opportunity to ride the wave of new product innovation is great. “New products create interest and demand in store, customers are very keen to trial new products. When new and innovative products hit the market it is a great opportunity for retailers to capture new sales”.

According to Mr Rogut, “There is a move generally for customers to be looking for healthier options and it this gives convenience stores the opportunity to offer consumers a healthier product in a very important sales category”.

“Given the nature of the convenience business, we need to be nimble, adaptable and flexible and should be one of the first places where customers can experience this new product”, Mr Rogut concluded.

With a brand as big as Coca-Cola behind Coke Life, you can be sure there will be plenty of consumer interest. Stores can capitalize on this interest by ensuring they have plenty of stock on hand and adequate supplies of refrigerated product ready to meet consumer demand.

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