Why choose FUJIVISION?

• Powered by Fulfilm, one of the world leaders in technology development

• Fully integrated dig al signage solution

• End-to-end support from installation through to software training and technical support

• Customisable solutions tailored to your business, helping you reach your target audience

• Industry leading cloud-based content management system (MS) and audience analytics software to update your marketing from a single location.

Shine Brighter with LED Signage & Display Sereens

One of the most popular technologies for the convenience market is LED signage and display screens.

What are the advantages of LED?

Cost Effectiveness

For large formats, or thin displays, LED technology becomes more cost effective to install and run when compared to conventional LeD screens.

Brighter Output

LED signage is much brighter and can be seen from hundreds of meters away. making it perfect for outdoor LED signage.

Adjustable Brightness

Using an ambient sensor, the screens appearance can be dynamically adjusted for the ocation, lighting or weather conditions.


Our Chin displays are designed for above fridges, cabinets and end of isles, all linkca together to create an amazing experience.

Suitable For Diverse Weather Conditions

Our outdoor I FD range is made to last in Australian conditions wth (P67 rated modules and cabinets protecting screens from new downfalls and aluminum module frames that perform in harsh conditions.

FUJIVISION can help to:

• Save time and money when it comes to updating prices or your latest promotion

• Increase footfall by placing digital screens on the outside of your store

• Boost basket value by using screens in-store promoting key offers

• Keep customers entertained and engaged – news, weather, traffic updates, in-store promotions

For more information visit:

www.fujivision.com.au or contact:fau.fujivisionsales@fujifilm.com

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