Woolworths canned over ‘Anzac’ campaign, Fonterra pulls yoghurt ad

Woolworths was criticised on social media and by a Government Minister last week over its campaign for the ‘Fresh in Our Memories’ website that linked Anzac commemorations to the retailer’s logo, and promptly withdrew the campaign.

Meanwhile, Fonterra was caught up in the Hepatitis A outbreak linked to imported frozen berries and pulled a television ad on March 29 for Tamar Valley Dairy that was found to have breached an advertising food code.

Woolworths had encouraged the public to share stories and profile-style pictures of loved ones affected by or lost to war by uploading images to the website.

Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Michael Ronaldson said that under the Protection of Word Anzac Act 1920, permission for the use of the word ‘Anzac’ in any such material must be granted by the Australian Government.

In this instance, permission was not sought by the campaign proponents, nor would it have been approved. Immediately upon having this campaign brought to my attention, I contacted Woolworths and asked them to end it, the Minister said.

The Fonterra Brands Tamar Valley yoghurt ad showed a pot of yoghurt being placed in a box, followed by a selection of photographs of the Tamar Valley, some honey and fresh berries. The voiceover said, Made in Tasmania, exported to Australia.

The Advertising Standards Board said that a single complainant to the ASB had raised potential concerns as to the origin of Tamar Valley Yoghurt.

The Board noted that the product advertised is food and therefore the provisions of the AANA Food and Beverages Advertising and Marketing Communications Code (the Food Code) apply.

The Board considered that in light of the current community concerns regarding the Hepatitis A link with sourced berries, the strong suggestion in this advertisement that the ingredients are from Tasmania is a suggestion which is misleading and deceptive, the ASB said.

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