Woolworths introduces booking option for shopping trips

Woolworths are using tech to help ease shopper concerns over crowds.

The retailer has introduced a new online shopping tool aimed at providing customers insights into quiet shopping periods. At select Melbourne stores, customers can also ‘book’ a time to shop.

The Q-Tracker tech uses real-time data to record busy shopping periods across its stores. This is then share with consumers, who provide their postcode when signing up, to deliver instant, store specific data on foot traffic levels. As well as if there are queues forming outside of stores to adhere to in-store social distancing.

And amid Melbourne’s second wave of COVID-19, shoppers in four stores — Taylors Lakes, Hampton Park, South Melbourne and Se Helena, will be able to book a time to shop, ensuring they can skip any queues. However these bookings would limit customers to a 15 minute shop.

It follows a similar shopper insight tool, Plan Your Trip,  introduced into 16 Mirvac shopping centres earlier this month to aid social distancing and allow customers to better understand the quietest shopping periods at their local centre.

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