Woolworths makes changes to c-stores

Woolworths is said to be branching out and upgrading its c-store experience to try and engage with shoppers.

The Sydney Morning Herald said the company is experimenting by adding fresh seafood, organic meat and fruit and veg to its smaller stores.

Since the chain began opening its c-store style Metro stores five years ago, there are now 36 in operation across the country.

Woolworths Metro GM Justin Nolan said the company was moving away from a one-size-fits all approach and trying to make each store unique to the local communities preferences.

“We’re still focused on a very small range, but then really trying to make sure that each store is tailored to the customers’ needs in terms of when and what they want to shop and make sure it’s what they actually asked for,” Mr Nolan said.

“Customers are looking for something to complement their larger shop, and something that’s easy to get in and out off.

“Outer urban areas are well service by supermarkets and have convenient options, so we then try to have Metros where that may not be possible.”

A new store that was poised to open on Wednesday in Rozelle, will be the first Metro store to stock the fresh seafood offer, as well as meat, fruit and veg.

The Rozelle store is around 1000 sq metre and holds around 9000 products compared with a 30,000 product, full-sized supermarket.


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