Woolworths unveil new-look store

The new concept Woolworths store. Image: Sarah Kneebone PlayMR

Grocery giant Woolworths has unveiled its new-look store in Marrickville’s Metro shopping centre in Sydney.

The new development followed on from research the company did, to understand the needs and wants of its customers better.

All store employees have been re-trained to ensure there is a specific focus on making customers feel welcomed and assisted.

A number of new features were inserted into the store to create an easier and more engaging shopping experience:

  • Cooking advice
  • Hand written signage with updates and store information
  • Screens to display promotional messages and offers
  • Recyclable bags to counteract the plastic bag ban
  • Nutritional information displayed above food

This new-look store offering is following in the footsteps of the current trend of healthier and more premium options for consumers.

This article was written as a summary from a long-form article about the experience of shopping in the new-look Woolworths store written by Sarah Kneebone. You can read the original here.

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