World milk day encourages Aussies to drink more milk

9/10 Australians aren’t getting their recommended three serves of dairy per day.

Lion Dairy & Drinks (LDD) has launched its Milk Loves You Back campaign in a bid to educate and encourage Australians to drink more milk and increase their consumption of dairy.

LDD marketing and innovations director Darryn Wallace said nine out of 10 Australians don’t get their recommended serves of dairy.

“On top of that we know that only 20% of people understand that ideally, they should have three serves of dairy,” he said.

“Ultimately we would say that milk arguably is the original super-food and we really want to celebrate the inherent goodness in milk…and remind all Australians about the essential nutrients that milk contains.”

The campaign which launched on World Milk Day comprises of a logo and teal background on every bottle of LDD white milk.

The nutritional label will also be expanded on the back of the pack to include the eight nutrients naturally present in milk, as well as point people to a website where they can learn a lot more.

Mr Wallace said this gives people the opportunity to learn from the pack itself, as well as expanding on the nutritional benefits.

“And the aim of that is really just to remind everyone about the natural goodness of milk and the fact that it naturally contains nutrients and that they’re richly available in the product and it’s really easy to get your three serves,” he said.

A spokeswoman for LDD said  from a nutrional perspective people are returning to full fat milks.

“We’re seeing a lot more movement particularly growth in that full fat milk rather than modified milk,” she said.

“Where we’re seeing growth is people are really being driven by consumer wellbeing and health and that’s why we do think the Milk Loves You Back campaign will also help because it will really help to educate people not only around the natural health benefits of dairy but we know a lot of Australians don’t understand they’re meant to get three serves of dairy everyday for life.”

For a retailer, the growth of the white milk market is of particular benefit as people are leaning towards more convenient options for how and where they purchase their milk as well as other dairy products such as cheese and yogurt.

The spokeswoman said people want their food and drinks in a convenient way.

“Convenience stores aren’t just selling the two litre white milk, they’re selling the flavoured milks, they’re selling the small tubs of yoghurt ready to go,” she said.

Mr Wallace said: “The category is growing…we think that there’s a lot of upside for it as people understand the benefits of dairy based on the benefits of white milk.


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