Led by music and pop culture Fuse is bringing the FUN back to your daily sound track with explosive new products and a dynamic new look.


Think about the last time you listened to music. Was it to push yourself through a workout? To run up that damn hill? Chill out on a Sunday morning? Or when you finally get to put your feet up at the end of the week? Maybe it was to get your groove on? Did you ever yell “party” and dance in your living room? That Sounds like Fun.

Whatever music you listen to, it raises an emotion within. We all have a deep connection to music and it’s precisely what drives us at Fuse with an obsession with tunes since 2013. Born to deliver value-for-money audio products to the Petrol and Convenience marketplace, Fuse puts your daily playlist, podcast and phone calls in your ears. We want to “ignite your ears” but not incinerate your wallet.

And this season Fuse is turning up the dial on FUN with new branding exploding to life. Keep an eye out for these guys instore:

They will help bring pop culture, music and user recognition of purpose together in one bold BOOM! That sounds like fun. As you might have taken from the above, Fuse wants to bring the fun to life, visually, and through sound via vibrant packs, elements in the product itself and in the tuned and tweaked elements of the product. Wait to find Neon bursts of light (which can be turned off for that Zoom call with your boss) paired with vibrant bass and treble to deliver products that delight and quite literally sound like fun. You will probably see our LED flashing cables first.

These are a novelty not a gimmick like might first be thought. The flashing slows and stops when your device is fully charged and of course the Lightning cable is MFi (Apple’s Made for iPhone) certified to deliver the certainty and quality everyone expects. Product that delivers on impressing, brightening, and delighting, that sounds like fun. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for Fuse this season!

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