Yowie Group’s new director

Source: ZAC Creative

The Yowie Group has announced the appointment of its new, non-exclusive Director Mr William Johnson.

Mr Johnson comes to the Yowie Group as a highly experienced public company director with a depth of experience in corporate governance, business strategy and operations as well as investment analysis, finance and execution.

Mr Johnson holds a Masters degree in Engineering Science from Oxford University, England and an MBA from Victoria University, New Zealand.

His 30 year business career spans multiple industries and countries, with executive/CEO experience in mineral exploration and investment (Australia, Peru, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Oman, North Africa and Indonesia), telecommunications infrastructure investment (New Zealand, India, Thailand and Malaysia) and information technology and Internet ventures (New Zealand, Philippines and Australia).

Mr Johnson is currently Managing Director of Strike Resources Limited (ASX:SRK), an Executive Director of Bentley Capital Limited (ASX:BEL) and a Non-Executive Director of Keybridge Capital Limited (ASX:KBC).



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