Yowie returns to Australia and NZ

Yowie chocolates will soon hit our shelves. Source: Yowie World

It was Australia’s answer to Kinder Surprise, and after a hiatus off the market, Yowie chocolates are making a comeback to Australia and New Zealand.

Yowie Group Ltd this week announced that a purchase order of the foil-wrapped confectionery has been received from Universal Candy, the Australian based distribution partner for Yowie in Australia and New Zealand.

Known for its ‘save the natural world’ theme, the collectable product follows the adventures of six different characters; Rumble, Boof, Crag, Ditty, Nap and Squish. The chocolates are marketed with an educational theme which profiles the animals and their various habitats.

The children’s confectionary was originally sold in Australia during the 1990s, launching in Australia and New Zealand in 1995. According to the company it delighted to see Yowies become known as ‘confectionery with a conscience’ for the educational focus on environment and ecology.

The re-launch of the Yowie brand in Australia comes after its introduction to the American market in 2014.

Yowie Group global CEO Bert Alfonso said the revival comeback represented a significant milestone for the company.

“Australia was a logical choice to begin our expansion outside of the US because of strong residual brand awareness and affinity for the product,” he said.

This sentiment was echoed by finance and commercial manager Simon Andrew, who said the ‘play and learn’ angle was the key to the collectable chocolate’s success in North America.

“The education aspect of endangered species made a mark on American consumers by replicating American species which made the product popular,” he said.

Another upside was the quality of the toy.

“Part of the selling point is that it passes the drug tests in the US, it passes all FDA approval, it’s a bigger collectable and less likely to break.”

Mr Alfonso said market research showed a “strong history”, while the concept of ‘save the natural world’ was still relevant and popular.

It’s anticipated the first containers will leave the Madelaine Chocolate Company’s manufacturing facility by month’s end.

Aside from Australia, the group also aims to enter an additional market before the end of FY17.

Yowie Group announced the new import deal on 6 February, however the company’s share price took a marked up-tick on 3 February, with market interest taking the price from 0.515 cents to 56 cents per share by 7 February.

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  1. ive been buying them lots of dounles my daughter has a whole set from the 90tees xmas ones wasent many doubles then ther more expensive also noeleen byrne

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