$1.53m investment into PERKii probiotic

The Palaszczuk Government has invested $1.53 million in home-grown QLD probiotic drink PERKii.

According to a statement released by the Queensland Government, the PERKii team used the investment from the Business Development Fund to increase production and expand sales across Australia and internationally.

Treasurer and Minister for Trade and Investment Curtis Pitt said: “PERKii, which uses a uniquely-treated probiotic linked to immunity and gut health, is a home-grown success story.”

“After launching just over a year ago, PERKii has made great strides into local market with drinks already available in hundreds of selected supermarkets, cafes and health stores,” he said.

“The Business Development Fund Investment is helping PERKii expand their market share in Australia and look to expand into lucrative overseas markets in the United States and across Asia.

“With growing demand, PERKii is looking to expanding their manufacturing facilities early next year, which is great news for future additional employment opportunities.”

Member for Sunnybank Peter Russo said: “The $1.53 million investment is evidence of the Palaszczuk Governments commitment to investing in local innovative businesses,” Mr Russo said.

“We’re helping to enable significant business expansion and get PERKii products on shelves in more than 500 stores.”

PERKii CEO Matthew Kowal said the product has a lot of potential and investment has helped thhe team to realise its vision.

“To help improve the health and wellbeing of people around the world,” he said.

“As well as a vote of confidence, this investment means we can invest in our people, our facilities and the research and development to deliver new growth areas for PERKii and the Queensland economy.”

UniSeed CEO and PERKii Chairman Dr Peter Devine said the generous support gives PERKii the opportunity to further develop.

“We are thrilled to see PERKii’s success in the short time since its launch, and look forward to seeing it flourish through further product development and expansion nationally and internationally,” he said.

Mr Pitt said PERKii is among 16 other Queensland businesses to receive an investment, the Fund has now invested a total of $16.5 million.



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