APCO teams up with Stock Box on the road to discovery in 2018

APCO Service Stations have joined forces with Stock Box in 2018 to discover more new and interesting products for their network of retail locations throughout Victoria.

With a long history in petrol and convenience which started with Ron Anderson back in 1962, APCO has evolved to become a leader in the independent petrol and convenience sector.

Stock Box is now in its 3rd year of showcasing and marketing new products to retailers, in a tactile way that is fast and effective, saving companies both time and money in the process.

Acting as a third-party category manager, the Stock Box program provides APCO with another set of eyes on their business at no additional cost, creating a 360-degree view of the market and potential new ranging opportunities.

Commencing in February and cycling every 3 months, the program is 100% APCO and only promotes products from partners either currently engaged or looking to engage with the APCO business.

Powered by Stock Box, APCO members have an opportunity to try and test physical samples of product for range inclusion. Member feedback provides APCO with clarity around potential product up-take making the ranging decision a little easier for their management team.

Product partners benefit from faster ranging decisions and a better level of acceptance if their products are endorsed by the greater APCO network.

For Stock Box it is an opportunity to engage with more product partners and showcase the benefits of the greater Stock Box program creating a win-win-win for all parties.

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