7-Eleven “appalled”, requests assistance from ABC

7-Eleven has called on the ABC to share any information it has to assist in investigations into suspected ongoing wage fraud at a Brisbane store, saying it was “appalled” by the allegations raised.

Hidden camera footage shows money changing hands in the manager’s office of a 7-Eleven Brisbane store. Source: ABC

7-Eleven’s CEO Angus McKay said there should be no doubt that the company has zero tolerance of wage fraud.

“We have aggressively investigated the claims since they were shared with us last week.

“If they are proven, we will act upon any illegal Franchisee activity, up to and including termination of their Franchise Agreement. Until they are proven or otherwise, it is unfair to jump to conclusions,” Mr McKay said.

The company said it has spoken to almost all current and former staff, and to the franchisee of this store and that no staff member has raised concerns with it about wage payments or practices at this store, either prior to the ABC’s allegations or throughout our investigation.

The former staff member involved in the ABC’s story has declined several invitations to come forward, despite claiming to be $6000 out of pocket.

7-Eleven said it “encourages her to do so, to assist our investigation and ensure we can pursue her employer to recover any monies found to be owed to her or to other staff”.

“We repeat our calls to the ABC to share all information it has pertaining to its story, including the unedited covert audio and video footage, to assist our investigation and help us take any appropriate action in a timely manner, including supporting the staff members.

“Our commitment to stamping out these practices within our franchised network of stores, and to repaying staff members found to have been disadvantaged, is absolute,” Mr MacKay said.

A spokesperson for the ABC told C&I Week this morning that the national broadcaster would not commit to making a response “at this stage”.

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  1. Wage fraud, dont kid yourself, this is much worse, this is mafia style standover tactics. In fact this is bordering on slavery. These standover men should be jailed . If 7-Eleven cant get control of the situation, the company shouldnt be allowed to continue to trade in Australia

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