7-Eleven trials large format store in Japan

7-Eleven has unveiled a new store in Chiba, a suburb of Tokyo, that is more than double the size of a regular 7-Eleven.

Seven & I Holdings, which recently acquired 7-Eleven’s Australian arm, is reportedly testing the concept, which will offer twice the number of products and is aimed at women, families, and younger people, according to The Business Times.

The Chiba store has its usual signboard replaced with a simpler, stylish version using less electricity and will stock around 2,000 additional products not usually carried in 7-Elevens, such as fresh fruit, diapers, and hair-care products, and will include a broader café menu.

Keisuke Yamaguchi, an Executive Officer of Seven & I Holdings, told The Business Times that their stores are currently not as popular with women, families, and younger people.

 “How to balance that is our biggest concern when choosing what items to have in the store.”

Japanese 7-Eleven’s currently offers a wide range of products, such as fresh food, concert tickets, and delivery packages, but the retailer is hoping it can attract a more diverse range of consumers by offering more food choices and household goods.

Seven & I Holdings has plans to see what products perform well at the Chiba store over the next year, reports The Business Times, and open a second store within the next year.

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