New website to compare vehicle emissions launches in NSW

The NSW Government has launched a new Vehicle Emissions Star Ratings website to help drivers compare the CO2 emissions of cars.

The six-star rating system will allow drivers to consider sustainability when purchasing new and used cars, utes, and vans; the higher the number of stars, the lower the vehicle’s CO2 emissions.

Penny Sharpe, Minister for Climate Change and Energy, said this is both good for their hip pocket, and good for the environment.

“The Vehicle Emissions Star Rating website offers information on emissions and efficiency in a simple format so consumers can choose a new or used car which reduces their emissions.

“Battery EVs are the cleanest light vehicles, receiving a six-star rating because they do not produce any tailpipe emissions. The NSW Government is supporting their uptake by growing the network of EV chargers across the state.”

The website has ratings for light vehicles dating back to 2004, with over 16,000 different models and variants available to compare. As well as fully customisable calculators that allow consumers to input the actual price they pay for fuel or electricity, and consider annual costs based on the distances they drive, rather than just being offered information based on averages that can vary widely.

It also provides information on EV charging locations, battery recycling, and general information on the differences between EVs, hybrids, and internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

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