RACV launches fuel alerts on its arevo app

The arevo by RACV app has launched personalised fuel alerts to send notifications to users to alert them of fuel price changes.

The automatic notifications will show if prices are on the rise or fall, as well as where to find the cheapest fuel, listing the station’s name, location, and exact distance away from the user’s home or preferred location.

Julie Hunter, General Manager Mobility at RACV, said the alerts will make it easier for Victorians to find better fuel prices.

“If, like many people, you only think about fuel prices when your petrol tank is close to empty, arevo will now be able to prompt you on the better time and location to fill up. If you’ve downloaded arevo, you will have the opportunity to locate some of the lowest prices for fuel in your area.

“The average Victorian can save just by comparing fuel prices before filling up – arevo now does that comparison work for you at a time when every cent counts.”

The fuel finder map is refreshed ever 15 minutes with live pricing and includes all major fuel stations.

“In addition to guiding users towards better fuel prices in their area, arevo can also further reduce costs by helping people plan routes with alternative modes of transport, such as bikes and public transport,” said Hunter.

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