7-Eleven’s new plant based range

In great news for vegans and meat-reducers across Australia, convenience giant 7-Eleven has just released a new plant-based range of their favourites.

No longer will vegans have to stare forlornly at the sandwiches and pies, as they too can now pick up a ‘no chicken and lettuce sandwich’ (RRP $5), a ‘no egg and lettuce sandwich’ (RRP $5) and a ‘no beef pie’ (RRP $4) and ‘no sausage roll’ (RRP $4) across all 7-Eleven stores nationally.

The new range comes as more Australians embrace vegan and vegetarian lifestyles, both for health and ethical reasons.

General Manager Marketing for 7-Eleven, Julie Laycock, said the company’s food innovation team had developed products that tasted just like their meat-based products.

“We didn’t just want to have plant based options, we wanted to make sure they were tasty products in their own right. Our team developed these exclusive products with our suppliers, and we’ve done extensive testing with consumers to ensure the new products taste delicious,” Ms Laycock said.

“The convenience of being able to drop into one of our 700+ stores makes it even easier for people looking for vegan friendly and vegetarian food and those who want to mix plant based meals into their diet more often.”

The convenience retailer trialing soy milk with their coffee offerings in a small number of stores in Victoria. Their ‘falafel wrap’ is also now vegan friendly, and a number of stores also stock a ‘teryiaki mushroom onigiri’.

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