AACS reveals three new strategic pillars to assist members

The Australasian Association of Convenience Stores (AACS) has unveiled three new strategic pillars to assist its members.

AACS chair Julie Laycock outlined the pillars at the recent AACS Leadership Summit in Sydney.

“Following a review by the board, we have redefined our mission to enable success for our members through three new strategic pillars – Advocacy, Connection and Knowledge.

“Advocacy – AACS strives to support the channel and positive legislative change in critical areas such as crime, tobacco alcohol and very recently pharmacy. The safety of our people remains an absolute top priority and AACS CEO Jeff Rogut has made some great progress in connecting with various industry and law enforcement bodies to improve our team members’ safety and also reduce the exposure to petrol theft. Also, earlier this year, AACS hosted a tobacco summit with the three large manufacturers to discuss strategies to discuss the legislative threat in a non-competitive environment. It was a good initial start and there is lots more work to be done, but hopefully a good example of how AACS can play a role in supporting the industry challenges and growth.

“How can AACS help with upcoming threats such as any proposed Sugar Tax or Energy Drink Age Restrictions or something else that is around the corner that may negatively impact our industry or consumers?

“Connection – this is a cornerstone of AACS. How many other industries share this genuine passion for what we do and share best practices openly to strengthen the overall channel? I’m also proud of how we have built up AACS Women In Convenience – led by Caroline Waite – what a great way of embracing change. When I first came to Australia and I joined AACS, I remember coming to this very event and I could the number of women on two hands, and how that has changed. Looking around the room now, there is more diversity in gender, age, ethnicity and preferences make us all a stronger team. The AACS Women In Convenience program has provided a safe and welcoming environment to build connections. For whatever reason and I don’t understand it, networking comes naturally for you blokes, but the ladies need a little bit of a helping hand. The events are going from strength to strength and you are all welcome to join us.


“Knowledge – AACS prides itself on offering insight and knowledge to all our members through communications as well as events like study tours. Last year’s overseas study tour to China was a shining example of this, with the team experiencing Chinese retail at a level that is just not seen on this side of the world or any online service or website. It was an exceptional learning experience and an outstanding opportunity to build new relationships. Building on last year, this year’s visit to the US looks like another inspiring learning experience with a focus on new technology, and while we have received a strong uptake, there are a few places left. It is genuinely a value-added experience from both the business and a personal point of view and personally I cannot wait to go.”

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