Adelaide convenience staff threatened in armed robbery

A recent convenience store robbery and stabbing attack have resulted in a warning being issued and guidelines supplied to all convenience workers.

Service station staff members were threatened early Monday morning by a man with a weapon during a robbery in Adelaide.

Police were called to the northern suburbs just before 2.50am, after reports that a man armed with a sharp weapon had entered the Main North Rd service station and threatened staff.

Two staff members were verbally threatened by the man, who then jumped over the counter and stole money from the cash register before fleeing the scene.

Police were unable to locate the suspect.

The robbery follows a murder that took place recently at a convenience store in Queanbeyan.

Zeeshan Akbar, the Caltex staff member was stabbed and later died due to his injuries.

Two teenagers have since been charged for the fatal attack of the Mr Akbar and ensuing crime rampage.

Australasian Association of Convenience Stores (AACS) executive director Jeff Rogut responded to the tragedy with a warning for all convenience staff.

“No one should be attacked while doing their job,” he said.

“Everyone has the right to go home safely after a day or night’s work. Criminal actions against anyone and particularly in this case when it affects our industry is just unacceptable.

“We will watch the developments of this matter as the authorities piece the events together, but urge all who work in our industry to take extra care over the coming busy Easter period and to watch out for one another.”

After robbery on the Gold Coast at the Mermaid Beach SPAR Express convenience store in late January, police provided details of how convenience staff should react in a similar situation.

Officer In Charge of Gold Coast District Crime Prevention sergeant Holly James said convenience and service station attendants could go to the Queensland Police Service website for information about how to react in the event of a robbery.

“In the event of a robbery, it is important to stay calm and do exactly as the offender says,” she said.

“Your personal safety and that of your employees and customers is far more important than any money or stock you might lose.”

Employees are advised to:

  • Speak only when spoken to. Talking to the offender will only prolong the incident.
  • Remember the offender will be nervous and tense.
  • Explain in advance any sudden movements you are going to make (e.g. ‘I am going to open the cash register now’).
  • Do not activate alarm systems unless it is safe to do so.
  • Avoid eye contact with the offender.
  • Try and remember as much as you can about the offender and how he/she behaves.

After the robbery

  • As soon as it is safe to do so:
  • Call triple zero (000) and ask for the police:
  • Provide your name, telephone number and exact location of the robbery.
  • Describe the offenders, any motor vehicles used and their direction of travel.
  • Describe the weapon/s used.
  • If necessary, provide first aid and call for medical assistance. Call triple zero (000) if you require an ambulance.
  • Activate the alarm system.
  • If practical, close the business and try to preserve the crime scene. If possible rope off the area where the offenders have walked. Do not touch anything.
  • DO NOT clean up the scene. Forensic evidence such as fingerprints may not be visible to the naked eye
  • If necessary, relieve affected staff of their duties and separate staff so that they can maintain an independent recollection of events.
  • Ask any non-employee witnesses to remain until police arrive. If they insist on leaving, try to obtain their name and contact details. Police may want to interview them.
  • The media may turn up at your business. You have a right to privacy and you are not compelled to talk to the media. If your company has a media division, contact them for help.



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