Wayne showcases new fuel dispenser in Thailand

An innovation station in Thailand has introduced a Wayne secure payment method and fuel metre into a pilot store.

Wayne Fueling Systems has shown the path to an enhanced customer fuelling experience with the unveiling of an “innovation station” in Thailand, featuring the Wayne Helix 5000 fuel dispenser.

Working with the Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT), Wayne has also introduced the tap-on Wayne iX Media platform and Wayne iX Pay secure payment platform.

Wayne Fueling Systems is a part of Dover Fuelling Solutions, one of the world’s largest suppliers of fuel dispensers, payment terminals, and other measurement and control solutions.

It is the first innovation station in Thailand to incorporate the new secure payment system and fuel metre into the dispenser.

This first pilot site is a step towards safer self-service in fuel stations by enabling payment security and reduced fuel loss.

PTT Vice President Surachai Damrongkiatisak said the innovation station was awarded to Wayne due to its technology leadership.

“PTT’s aim is to draw more customers with the clean fuelling experience, and cross-selling different products with the big media screen offered with Wayne iX Media 10.4-inch display,” he said.

In their product brochure, Wayne described the Helix 5000 fuel dispenser as the: “Core of flexibility”.

“The Helix 5000 dispenser boasts the aesthetics and capabilities of the Helix 4000 dispenser, but has greater flexibility that can handle up to four metres and up to an eight-hose configuration,” Wayne said.

Wayne Helix fuel dispensers are already installed in more than 50 countries around the world.


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