Adelaide man charged over robbery

Following the aggravated robbery of a Waymouth St convenience store in Adelaide, a man has been arrested over the incident.

The robbery occurred just before 4 am on Monday the 19th as the man, armed with a syringe entered the store and threatened to kill a staff member before taking drinks and cash from the till.

No one at the store was harmed during the robbery.

After initial searches for the suspect, the police were not able to locate him.

However, just after 10.30pm on Tuesday the 20th, officers were able to arrest at 30-year-old man over an unrelated matter, and later charged him with aggravated robbery.

The man was set to appear in court on Wednesday the 21st of March.

Superintendent Craig Wall, officer in charge of the Eastern Adelaide Local Service Area, was pleased a suspect had been charged over the “appalling and violent crime” so quickly.

“Police are very pleased that the victim of this aggravated robbery who was threatened with an uncapped syringe did the right thing and did not become involved in any physical altercation,” he said.



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