ALDI launch health app

ALDI have a new tool in the fight to lure the lucrative health conscious shopper.

The retail giant have described their Healthy Picks app, launched this week, as granting customers “immediate, easy to understand nutritional information”.

Designed in consultation with The George Institute for Global Health and using the same formula as their FoodSwitch app, it allows customers to scan ALDI (packaged) products to see a breakdown of the nutritional content.

This is shown as either the government Health Star Rating system from 0.5-5 stars or as a ‘traffic light label’ showing the amount of energy, total fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt. Products low in these are displayed as green, medium as amber and high as red.

Customers will also be shown alternative products where a healthier option is available.

The free app is available for download for both Apple and Android devices, however will only work in stores and on ALDI products.

It comes as Australian continue to look for more better-for-you products. A Modern Food Trends Report released by Choosi found that 64.4% of Australians considered themselves to be health-conscious, while 85.7% of us are regularly trying to make healthier food decisions. This equates to big bucks at the checkout, with the report also finding families were spending up to $4,515 more per year in order to pursue healthier choices.

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