ALDI tops customer satisfaction awards

Roy Morgan has named ALDI Australia as the Supermarket of the Year in the 2016 Customer Satisfaction Awards.

The recent win marks the fourth time the chain has been recognised by Roy Morgan since the establishment of the awards in 2011.

Judging was based on feedback from more than 50,000 shoppers taken throughout the year.

A spokesperson for ALDI said the award was a great honour which proved the company was “proudly different”.

“Our consistently low prices do not have to equal low quality or poor service. In fact, we show that it can mean the opposite,” the spokesperson said.

“It’s our job to ensure we continue to evolve to meet the needs of tomorrow’s shopper. As such, we have committed to refurbishing existing stores with the updated store format which has been trialled in 2016 on the eastern seaboard and in both South Australia and Western Australia.

“The new store format features a number of new upgrades, including clearer signage, redesigned shelving and expanded wooden produce bays, energy efficient LED lighting and extended chillers.”

Since its entry to the Australian market in 2001, ALDI has expanded to 450 stores nationwide, with more stores under construction and in planning, and currently employs approximately 10,000 people.

The annual Customer Satisfaction Awards are based on 12 months of data from Roy Morgan’s Consumer Single Source survey, as well as Roy Morgan’s Business Single Source survey.

The Customer Satisfaction Awards require retailers to have a sample of at least 100 customers from Roy Morgan’s Single Source survey, who that have used the products or service of that organisation in any given rolling period.

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