Alka Power a ‘game changer’ in the water category

With its ultra-hydrating properties, its immunity boosting benefits, and its crisp, refreshing taste, it was hard to go past Alka Power as our latest C&I Choice product, as it leads the charge in the better for you bottled water space.

Alka Power, which is ranged through a variety of channels including grocery, health, and wellness, and at WHSmith nationally, has recently expanded through the convenience channel including at Ampol and will soon be available in Ezymart stores.

Managing Director Steve Pettaras explains that Alka Power has a bottling facility located in the Southern Highlands of NSW, with natural spring water drawn directly on-site. The result is the first and only naturally-raised high pH 9-10 alkaline spring water on the market.

“Alka Power is channelling into the mainstream bottled water segment as we believe Alka Power is the best tasting and better for you bottled spring water on the market,” he says.

“We infuse our spring water with unique active ocean sourced minerals, which also have a smooth crisp refreshing taste. Other high pH 9-10 alkaline waters are artificially raised using electrolysis (electrocuting the water molecule).

This method is unstable as once the bottle has been opened; oxidation causes the pH to drop to its original pH value.

“Of course, there are a number of other naturally raised alkaline spring waters on the market, but these are only slightly alkaline and will commonly be found to have a chalky after taste.”

Alka Power has national distribution in Coles, Woolworths, and WHSmith, as well as independent grocers such as IGA, Harris Farm, and is experiencing growth in health food, supplement stores, cafés, wellness centres and many more small retail outlets.

Pettaras concludes: “We’re pretty proud of what we have achieved and the feedback from our loyal customers. Even all our retailers and distributors are so happy with our growth in such a competitive price driven commodity such as bottled water.

“One driving force is brand loyalty and continued growth in major national retailers. The main functionality is how customers are repeat buyers of Alka Power and the feedback from them through socials and emails is how they see results by regularly drinking Alka Power. This gives us great pride.”

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