American confectionery a key trend for convenience stores

Convenience buyers attending last week’s C&I Expo in Sydney showed a lot of interest in the American confectionery category that is currently booming.

Smooth Wholesales director, Tal Avrahami, told C&I that the interest from buyers in a different range of confectionery products was very strong.

“One of the biggest things that we have seen from the retailers – it is one of those things that has blown up over the last few months and it is something we are pushing and seeing great results from,” he said.

Avrahami believes that the products are attractive to local convenience stores as they provide a unique point of difference for consumers as well as delivering the margin and price points which are ideal for the convenience channel.

“Chips at the moment are flying off the shelves – particularly Takis – one of the greatest products I have seen in the last year. Also the theatre-box candies are favourites of Americans and something  within a lot of pop culture references. A lot of people are willing to try them to get a taste of nostalgia. Moving forward we will be expanding the range and getting a whole lot more variety throughout the collection is something a lot of people are looking for,” Avrahami said.

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