Dairy Farmers launches nostalgic new flavour

Dairy Farmers has launched a limited-edition flavoured milk in Dairy Farmers Classic Creaming Soda that is sure to bring back milk-bar memories.

The new flavour is made with sweet vanilla and sherbet undertones with a hint of raspberry flavour, bringing a touch of nostalgia to the smooth and creamy flavoured milk.

Anne Scott, Senior Brand Manager at Dairy Farmers Classic, said this limited-edition Dairy Farmers Classic is an exciting blend of innovation and familiarity, bound to become a favourite amongst milk lovers.

“Both creaming soda and Dairy Farmers Classic provide a fun treat for any occasion – and now we’ve combined these two beloved beverages to create a refreshing yet indulgent flavoured milk.”

In addition to the Creaming Soda flavour, Dairy Farmers Classic is also adding another new flavour to their range with Dairy Farmers’ Hokey Pokey flavour.

Dairy Farmers Hokey Pokey is a classic spin on the deliciously creamy vanilla and honeycomb flavours of Hokey Pokey ice cream.

“The Dairy Farmers Classic team are delighted to introduce new, creative and unexpected flavours, while also giving our flavoured milk loyalists the option to indulge in familiar tastes that spark happiness and nostalgia,” said Scott.

The limited-edition Dairy Farmers Classic Creaming Soda and Hokey Pokey flavoured milks are available now in P&C stores, Coles, independent grocers and across NSW and Queensland. The new range is also available now in selected stores in South Australia.

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