Amplify Kombucha partners with Boost Juice

KomBOOSTcha, Source: InsideFMCG

Amplify Kombucha has partnered with Australian juice brand, Boost to offer a new range of Kombucha-juice blends.

Affectionately named ‘KomBOOSTcha’, the range contains the Amplify Kombucha with whole fruit.

Each blend is dairy free, vegan and wheat free.

“We all want to start the year off right, and we know healthy New Year’s resolutions play a big role in this,” said Claire Lauber, managing director of Boost Juice.

“The KomBOOSTcha blends are the perfect combination of delicious, seasonal fruit and good for you Amplify Kombucha, another option at Boost for people looking for a fresh and healthy alternative drink this summer.”

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