Arnott’s launches new Shapes Mini Bites

Arnott’s has launched a brand new range of Shapes with a lighter texture and smaller biscuit size, that still packs the same punch of flavour.

Shapes Mini Bites have launched in three new flavours, including Supreme Cheese, Sour Cream and Onion, and Sticky BBQ Wings.

Shannon Wright, Arnott’s Marketing Manager, said the new Mini Bites are the perfect snack to satisfy those 3.30pm cravings.

“One of the uniquely fun things about Arnott’s Shapes is that they come in such a wide range of flavours, with different shaped biscuits. However, Shapes Mini Bites take it to a new level by not only providing flavor and fun biscuit cuts, but by creating a whole new popped format.

“We wanted to deliver a new experience for Shapes fans with a smaller, airy, lighter biscuit that still provides the flavor hit they know and love.”

The new Arnott’s Shapes Mini Bites are available nationwide with an RRP from $3.20 each.

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