Arnott’s reports significant progress towards sustainability goals

The Arnott’s Group has released its third annual Sustainability Report, demonstrating progress against targets amidst rising external pressures.

The Group has recorded headway in the areas of emissions reduction and tracking, packaging recyclability, and sustainable sourcing of ingredients.

Highlights include the installation of 2,100 solar panels across two manufacturing sites and the corporate head office as part of its plan to transition to 100 per cent renewable electricity at these sites by 2029, and the elimination of over 500 tonnes of packaging from its products.

George Zoghbi, CEO of Arnott’s Group, said he was proud of the strides the business had taken amidst a backdrop of competing external pressures.

“This year, many businesses have had to ask themselves the difficult question of how they can resist pressures to de-prioritise sustainability, particularly when the price tag is high or where the return on investment is not immediate.

“Despite these pressures, The Arnott’s Group has remained laser focused on progress in this space, recognising that our sustainability challenges and our business ambitions are inextricably linked – and that to overcome the challenges of the future, you must weather the challenges of the present.”

Also released was the Group’s first ‘Reflect’ Reconciliation Action Plan, an agreed framework to develop improved cultural awareness across the business and promote reconciliation through establishing meaningful partnerships with First Nations businesses and peoples.

Simon Lowden, Chief Transformation Officer at Arnott’s, spoke of the importance of using the group’s influence as an iconic food manufacturer to partner with industry to chart a path forward.

“Our sustainability ambitions can only be achieved if we can see the full picture of our impact and connect the dots between our past, and our future – between our suppliers, our operations, and our customers. All with the goal of progressing toward our ambition for a sustainable future.”

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