Innovative Aussie beverage Koala Karma gains ground

Local business owners, Jaime Turner and Cheryl Stewart, are excited to have achieved ranging for their relaxation beverage, Koala Karma, through Woolworths Metro stores.

 Jaime Turner andCheryl Stewart Andrew Ortland Koala Karma Woolworths Metro
Koala Karma’s Jaime Turner and Cheryl Stewart with Woolworths Metro Burleigh Heads North (Queensland) store manager David Pope as the ranging of Koala Karma in Woolworths Metro stores across Australia is announced.

The new ranging for Koala Karma follows two and a half years of hard work for the pair. Koala Karma is also ranged in independent health stores, and some convenience stores and the pair are keen to continue to grow the new category in the channel.

Ms Turner told C&I Week: “The relaxation drink is an emerging category in the global beverage market. We plan to lead the market with our brand.

“In the past two and a half years we have learnt so much, and in that time have rebranded, added an additional line to the range with a no added sugar and also tweaked the formula.

“The opportunity with Woolworths Metro gives us the opportunity to show the need for our product and believe it is the first big step towards our goal.”

Koala Karma Woolworths Metro.
Koala Karma on shelf in Woolworths Metro.

Koala Karma will be on the shelves of the Woolworths Metro stores throughout Australia. There are now  16 stores under the Metro banner across Queensland, NSW, and Victoria. These stores are generally located near public transport, and offer a tailored range of products including ‘grab and go’ solutions and ready-made meals.

“We are extremely excited about being ranged especially in the Woolworths Metro stores, as this identifies with our target market. Koala Karma is an ideal beverage for when you are feeling stressed or wanting to unwind at the end of the day,” Ms Turner said.

Andrew Ortland, Woolworths’ category manager long life – fuel & Metro team, welcomed the new product saying Woolworths Metro “are passionate about supporting Australian businesses and excited to be able to support a local business in a new category in the beverage market.”


Koala Karma is a unique carbonated relaxation drink with four active herbs – passionflower, chamomile, valerian powder and lemon extract, which are known for their calming properties – plus magnesium.

Ms Turner told C&I Week that in addition to the new Woolworths Metro ranging, “The brand also has orders from a premium supermarket in China and a petrol chain in the middle east and is currently going through the registration process for both of the these countries with the local food authorities”.

Retailers wishing to stock Koala Karma should contact Jaime Turner on 0417 193 818 or 1300 963 911.

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