Aussie Cracker-Consumption

The Harbour Bridge has taken on a whole new ‘shape’.

There’s no denying Aussies are ‘crackers’ about crackers. National research released today shows that in the last year, Australians have bought more savoury biscuits than the weight of over one thousand Sydney Harbour Bridges combined – 59 million tonnes to be exact!1

Over the past 12 months, 83.6% of Aussie households purchased Arnott’s savoury biscuits and every-day Australia consumes2:
• 230,000 packs of Shapes

• 100,000 packs of Jatz

• 43,000 packs of Vita-Weat

It’s, therefore, no surprise that there are endless traditions and memories linked to serving and sharing crackers. They are a part of the quintessential Australian lifestyle, passed down through family generations and shared between groups of friends. But Arnott’s believes there are plenty of unique and lesser-known Shapes-eating rituals and moments across the nation yet to be uncovered.

Search For Australia’s Unique Cracker Rituals

To celebrate Australia’s undeniable love of crackers, especially Shapes, Arnott’s today launches its national #whatacracker campaign; calling on all savoury biscuit-lovers far and wide to share how they enjoy Arnott’s Shapes on the Arnott’s Shapes Facebook Page. The top ten entries will win a year’s supply of their favourite Arnott’s Shapes flavour*.

It might be uniquely combining Barbeque and Pizza Shapes together in a tasty ‘Barbie-Pizza’ blend. Combine both flavours in a bowl, shake up the flavour – a lot – and serve! Or, it might be that you like to lick and scrape out the extra flavour at the bottom of the pack (the most common unwritten eating directions, if you will!)

When it comes to crackers, we know that Aussies believe sharing and connecting with others is important. When serving plain or savoury crackers or salty snacks, 54% of Aussies feel that it is important that they are good to share, so maybe your ultimate cracker ritual involves a bestie or family member.3

Live Mix ‘N Match Shapes Pop-Up

The #whatacracker campaign will also come to life next month when a giant Shapes box takes residence at the iconic Sydney Overseas Passenger Terminal on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd June, allowing visitors to enter and create their very own personalised selection of Arnott’s Shapes. Visitors can mix n’ match their own combination of Arnott’s Shapes flavours and snap their #whatacracker moment against the backdrop of the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

So, get crack-er-ing! Entries close 30th June 2018.

For more information on how to enter the competition, visit the Arnott’s Shapes Facebook page.

The winner will be announced via Arnott’s Shapes Facebook on the 6th July 2018. *Terms & Conditions apply. Years supply equates to 52 family size boxes.

1 IRI DATA MAT to 01/04/18
2 IRI DATA MAT to 01/04/18
3 Research conducted by TNS for Arnott’s, 2015, n= 842

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