C&I product choice: Nestlé Milkybar Nutty & Crunchy

The June/July C&I product choice is Nestlé Milkybar’s newest offering- Nutty & Crunchy has taken the coveted C&I Choice spot for this edition. Combining the smooth and well-loved Milkybar chocolate with delicious roasted almonds, Italian almond biscotti, and biscuit pieces, the Milkybar Nutty & Crunchy is as tasty as it is intriguing.

Biscotti is an Italian biscuit, and the word in English translates to twice-cooked. The biscuits are cooked twice, giving them a distinct dry texture, making them a non-perishable food.

Available in both a block and bar format, it is ideal for a tasty afternoon snack or as a delightful treat for the whole family. Leap into your nearest store to catch Milkybar Nutty & Crunchy bar 45g (RRP $1.99) and block 170g (RRP $5.19)

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