Aussie favourite making a comeback

The iconic Polly Waffle is set to make a come-back.

Following South Australian confectioner Robern Menz acquiring the rights from Nestle for Violet Crumble in 2018, the company has announced the Polly Waffle is next on the to-do list.

Robern Men CEO Phil Sims said despite production ceasing almost 10 years ago, the Polly Waffle is still an Australian legend.

“There are kids and even young adults out there who don’t really know what a Polly Waffle is and haven’t tasted it before, but there are also many devoted fans who have been campaigning hard for its return,” Mr Sims said.

“Since taking over the Violet Crumble brand we have been bombarded with two distinct questions, when are you bringing back the bags of Violet Crumble and when are you bringing back Polly Waffle? There is even a Facebook page that has over 55K members petitioning to ‘Bring Back The Polly Waffle’. confirmed Mr Sims had signed a contract with Nestle to acquire the trademark, intellectual property as well as the brand and the secret recipe.


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