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Aussie Soles raises its global profile following capital raise

Australian orthotics company Aussie Soles is working to take a larger portion of the estimated $116 billion global sandals market after successfully completing a capital raise in the US.

The company, which was founded by Craig Taplin in 2005, raised $165k in its first US crowdfunding campaign and is preparing to launch a second campaign in Australia.

Taplin told C&I that the funds will be used to raise global awareness of the brand and its eco-friendly ethos.

“We aim to make Aussie Soles a global household name in the world of footwear,” he says.

Aussie Soles was born when Taplin created a range of arch support foam thongs and clogs for all ages. The footwear is made using the latest technology and in plant-based and recycled plastic for a truly greener stance.

“We want to support as many people as possible on the planet while supporting the earth with recycled and sustainably sourced materials focusing on plant-based sugarcane foam for our thongs and outsoles, and Aussie Merino sheep skins and fleece for our winter lines.”

Taplin says that the main priority for Aussie Soles in 2022 is to successfully launch its winter range of arch support Ugg boots and slippers while developing strong relationships with podiatrists and new partners alike.

The company has focused on its direct to consumer (D2C) business globally, launching three new sites for the US, Europe and the UK while growing its business to business (B2B) strategy in Australia. Its range of footwear is available through a range of specialty stores including pharmacy, gift, sporting goods, podiatrists, and now the petrol and convenience (P&C) channel.

“P&C stores should stock Aussie Soles to support the greener future and show true support for their customers,” says Taplin.

“Aussie Soles customers are lifers once they start wearing us and love to share the comfort and support with all their friends and family. They also share the locations that Aussie Soles can be found making us the right choice for word-of-mouth marketing in arch support eco-friendly thongs and footwear.

“Sometimes the hardest decision to make is one that will bring you the most joy and success, it’s the unknown and the negative chatter that you must push through to find the diamond in the rough.

“Aussie Soles is that diamond and the joy that we bring to millions of people’s lives every day is testament to our success.”

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