Aussie’s ditching cars

As petrol prices continue to soar across the country, some Australian residents are taking drastic measures to save on the cost of fuel. conducted a survey of 1139 Australian drivers and found that one in 12 has given up driving and has instead taken to walking or cycling to get around, all in a bid to reduce their fuel consumption.

It also reported that up to 7% have had to cut back on the use of their car, resulting in missing events and appointments.

Kate Browne, finance expert at, said the research highlighted the reality facing Australian drivers, reported.

“As petrol prices rise, Australians are being forced to change how they drive and when,” Ms Browne said.

“It’s going to impact a lot of families’ school holidays — rising petrol prices could really start to threaten Australians day to day life.”

More than 60,000 drivers have already pledged to boycott petrol stations on October 26th, to raise awareness of the issue.

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