Australia takes the lead across Asia Pacific

Picodi Analysis have analysed how many litres of petrol can be bought with the average wage in Australia and other Asia-Pacific countries.

Map of Asia Pacific, Vector.

According to Picodi: “Petrol price is dependent on many different factors such as crude oil prices on the international markets or taxes or margins established by gas stations’ owners. The value of one litre of petrol at the retail point of sale may change overnight, in some countries even by the hour”.

Picodi researched the average fuel prices in the first half of 2019 and cross-referenced them with the latest average wages in respective countries. The study showed, “possessing a rich supply of natural resources does not always mean that petrol will be more accessible for average consumers”.

“In our region, the cheapest petrol can be found in Malaysia — on average, for one litre of petrol you would have to pay 49 cents (converted from ringgits). In contrast, filling the tank is the most expensive in Hong Kong where the average price for one litre is $2.15,” the Picodi report said.

“The best ratio of petrol price to the average salary in our part of the world can be observed in Australia. With the average Australian wage you can get 3783 litres of petrol. Japan placed second with 2006 litres and South Korea, with 1908 litres, took third place among the 17 researched countries.

“Lower in the ranking are countries like Pakistan, Cambodia or the Philippines. In these places, the average salary allows for buying no more than 200 litres of petrol, which is only 5 per cent of the APAC ranking leader’s capacity.”


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