Coles Little Shop promotion causing issues

Coles Little Shop 2. Source: Ebay

The semi-famous Coles Little Shop promotion has been causing some dramas since it began again.

While some shoppers are upset Coles has released the plastic toys during plastic-free July, one woman has taken it a step further.

The woman took to Facebook to complain that she was 53 cents short of the required in-store spend and that she wasn’t given two Coles toy as a result, rather just the one.

“So I went to Coles today,” she wrote. “Spent $59.47. Only got one little shopper.”

The employee at the cashier stuck to company policy, which is one toy per $30 spent.

In a move that extends the campaign beyond the supermarket doors, retail expert Gary Mortimer said the program now includes the Coles Express business.

” Smart move … fill up your car and grab a couple of collectables,” Mr Mortimer said.

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