Australian innovation sees ‘raw milk’ on shelves

Made by CowIn a world-­first, an Australian company has developed a safe way for people to enjoy the natural, tasty and nutritious goodness of untreated milk, without resorting to the use of heat pasteurisation or homogenisation, which can deplete milk’s natural nutrients. Made By Cow, is made using a method approved by the NSW Food Authority and will be available from all Harris Farm Markets, About Life stores and other fine food stockists from Thursday 2nd June.

Up until now, untreated milk (sometimes known as raw milk) has needed to be heated to at least 72 degrees to destroy harmful bacteria. It is also often subjected to separation, homogenisation, recombining and standardisation, before finally being bottled and sold on shelf in supermarkets.

Made By Cow however, uses a new patented breakthrough method that focuses on careful herd management and more hygienic milking practices from a single Jersey Herd on NSW’s pristine South Coast, to produce a higher quality milk. This is then bottled straight from the cow within hours and put under intense water pressure, compressing both the bottle and milk inside for several minutes. This pressure eliminates any remaining harmful bacteria, whilst being gentler on milk’s natural nutrients. The result is a safe, un-­messed with and deliciously creamy, cold pressed raw milk straight from the cow.

Made By Cow founder Saxon Joye commented: “Other than our dairy farmers, our grandparents were probably the last people to taste milk the way it’s supposed to be, without heat pasteurisation, homogenisation and all the other processes that go into making standardised milk.

We’ve developed a revolutionary new method, that allows people to drink delicious, creamy and wholesome, cold pressed raw milk the way it’s supposed to be. Our milk contains more of milk’s natural goodness whilst still being 100% safe from harmful bacteria, and we’re paying our farmers over 50% more per litre than the major processors.”

Roughly 9.7 billion litres of milk are produced each year in Australia, with the average person consuming a total of 105 litres. Globally Australia is one of the highest consumers of milk, largely driven by the popularity of the coffee industry.

Lyndi Cohen (aka The Nude Nutritionist), nutritionist and dietitian commented about Made By Cow’s nutritional benefits, “Made By Cow cold pressed raw milk is safe to drink, whilst retaining as much of milk’s natural, wholesome goodness as possible. In fact, tests show the patented cold high pressure method is gentler on milk’s nutrients, which means that you get more of the rich, essential nutrients straight from the cow like vitamins B1, B2, B12, A and potassium.

Made By Cow single herd Jersey milk is also naturally low GI and is loaded with plenty of the good stuff like more protein, (to help build and repair muscles and keep you feeling fuller for longer) and more calcium to help develop strong, healthy bones”

Made By Cow will be available at all Harris Farm Markets, About Life stores and other fine food stockists from Thursday June 2, 2016.

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