Twisties get Flaming Hot to ignite snack sales

Twisties Flaming Hot LRTwisities has turned up the heat after Facebook fans across the country voted to bring back Twisties Flaming Hot.

Limited edition flavours have become an important element in helping to rekindle consumer interest and excitement in the Twisties brand.

Previously available in early 2014, Twisties Flaming Hot beat Pizza, Taco, and Peri Peri Twisties in the race to the finish on a fan voted selection, hosted on the Twisities Facebook page.

The 90g pack size are now available in independent grocery stores and impulse outlets.

The launch is being supported via in-store displays and activation on the Twisties Facebook page which now has more than 175,000 fans across Australia and indeed the world.

PepsiCo ANZ CEO, Robbert Rietbroek, said: “Twisties is a truly iconic Aussie brand. Our latest limited edition product, Twisties Flaming Hot, is sure to ignite lots of consumer engagement with one of Australia’s most loved snackfood brands. This launch will allow our retail partners to create some excitement with shoppers and successfully grow the snacks category.”

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