Australian ‘milk tea’ hits market

Australia’s love of milk tea shows no sign of slowing, and now there’s a way to enjoy it without having to queue.

Newly launched product 9CHA is aiming to fill the gap for ready-to-drink products in the lucrative market, which Allied Market Research has estimated will be worth US$3.2 billion by 2023.

The Australian made tea, targeted at 12-24-year-old females, comes in original (black tea), wildberry and jasmine flavours, and comes in 200ml sized pouches.

The Melbourne based company, led by directors Sean Issell and Jay Shao, are also exporting the product, which uses Australia’s highly regarded milk powder.

“Everything in the market up until now has been imported. We have the best milk powder and water in the world, so let’s make the best product in the world,” Mr Issell said.

“Australia will always be our home, but growth in exports mean we need to cater for on and off-shore sales. Importantly having a product made right here in Australia gives us a sense of pride that is hard to beat.”

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