Australia’s first healthy lolly! Enjoy lollies like a kid again 

It all started with a transformation story. Daniel (the guy who started all of this) had an unhealthy relationship with food. He felt out of control around sugar! Something had to change. 

Fed up with the lack lustre sweets section of the supermarket, he travelled the globe in search of something better! Inspired, he returned home and started to create his own delicious sweets with no sugar added and no sugar alcohols. After hundreds of attempts to create the perfect recipe and enlisting the help of some of Australia’s top Food Scientists, Nutritionists, and Chefs – FUNDAY Natural Sweets was born!

At FUNDAY we’ve found the sweet spot with our deliciously healthy lollies that are crafted with 100% natural and nourishing ingredients and are packed with real fruity flavour your taste buds will love! Our low sugar lollies are full of prebiotic goodness with up to 91% less sugar than traditional lollies, and are made with no sugar added or sugar alcohols (that’s right – zilch!). 

We’ve crafted a range of delicious sweets for every sweet tooth – from gluten-free lollies to delicious vegan lollies. From our sour gummy bears and sour peach hearts for all our sour lovin’ sweet tooths, to our mouth-watering fruity gummy snakes, raspberry frogs and fruity gummy bears – there’s a lolly for everyone to enjoy! 

Better Confectionery Pty Ltd t/as FUNDAY Natural Sweets

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