Healthy Snacking, Made by Australians, for Australians

Halo is Australasia’s largest Sports Nutrition manufacturer, plants both in Victoria and NSW for over 25 years domestic and international contract manufacturing experience, they are 100% Australian Owned, listed on the ASX. Halo Food Co is the go-to contract manufacturer for health and wellness products in Australia.

Halo saw a gap in the Australian market, and what was missing were Australian made protein bars that were providing the consumer with the Highest Quality Ingredients, the Best Tasting Products, made by Australians.

Halo’s Unique Dual Layering manufacturing technology enables them to create a bar with two separate layers, a creamy fudge layer, atop that a gooey delicious chocolate or caramel layer, the unique Proprietary Protein Blends used in their barsmakes for THE BEST Tasting bars in the Australian market, satisfying the confectionery desire, but without all the sugars and unhealthy ingredients.

Launching with their High Protein bars initially, it was soon evident that the Plant/Vegan category was in rapid growth, so thus the TONIK Plant bar range was created.

Australian consumers are educated and discerning, they are actively looking for products with less sugar, all natural, no artificial additives, GMO free, gluten free, and are functional to living a healthier life. Even diehard Whey Protein consumers are loving the Plant Bars, which have historically tasted pretty average, the Choc Fudge Plant bar is unbelievable!

Protein bars are crossing over into the confectionery category, with scrumptious tempting flavours to satisfy even the most diehard chocolate consumer, but Taste is still THE No 1 attribute consumers insist upon and is the reason they repeat buy their favourite protein bars, following taste is Low Sugar, Low Carbs, Protein Content, All Natural, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, and of course functionality.

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