Bega unveils lactose free range of popular products

Bega has launched lactose free options of Dare Iced Coffee, Dairy Farmers Classic, and Big M, following consumer demand.

The requests for lactose free versions of the beverages were amongst the top two enquiries Bega heard from consumers in 2022.

Helen Cheeseman, Head of Milk Beverages at Bega Dairy and Drinks, said the team have worked hard to ensure the new lactose-free options tase like the originals.

“We’re excited to now be offering lactose free options of some of our most popular, great tasting milk beverages so that Aussies who are sensitive to lactose can once again enjoy their favourite iced coffee or flavoured milk.”

As well as the drinks previously mentioned, a lactose free version of Dare’s best-selling double espresso and lactose free chocolate flavoured milk from Dairy Farmers Classic and Big M is also now available.

“It has never been a better time to enjoy our iconic Aussie made and owned milk beverages, if you’ve had lactose free products on your wish list that is.”

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