Bickford’s releases two new iced coffee syrup flavours

Bickford’s Premium Iced Coffee Syrup range is about to triple in size with the addition of two new flavours, Caramel and Mocha.

Both of the new flavours are vegan friendly, gluten free and can be enjoyed served over milk and ice or with ice cream for a sweet treat.

Bickford’s Iced Caramel Coffee Syrup brings the traditional Bickford’s Iced Coffee flavour, blended with deep, luscious caramel, while Iced Mocha Coffee Syrup is blended with rich, decadent chocolate for the ultimate indulgence.

Bickford’s Group Sales and Marketing Manager, Chris Illman, highlighted Bickford’s Iced Coffee Syrups rich 100-year history, with the product originally launched in 1919 as Our Jack.

Our Jack, with Jack represented by a kookaburra on the original label, was used as a pick-me-up post-war when coffee was in short supply, with chicory added to create the flavour we know and love.

“Our Bickford’s Premium Iced Coffee Syrup has been a beloved product since it first launched all the way back in 1919 and we’re so excited to bring two new flavours to the team,” he said.

“These syrups are the ultimate indulgence and we’re happy to report they’re also vegan friendly and gluten free so they can be enjoyed with any milk, or ice cream, of your choice.”

Made using the Bickford’s signature blend of essence of coffee, chicory and the addition of caramel or chocolate, the syrups contain no preservatives, and the new flavours contain 10 per cent less sugar than the original Iced Coffee Syrup.

Bcikford’s Premium Iced Coffee Syrups are available in independent retail stores, select Coles and Woolworths stores nationwide and through Sippify with an RRP $7.00

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