Boscastle: Another Top Brand for Patties


PattiesPatties Foods has just released some information on its recent acquisition of Boscastle Pies & Pastries, which is the latest to be added to Patties’ stable of brands.

Boscastle is a Victorian pie company with over 28 years’ experience making artisan pies and pastries. Boscastle produces an extensive range of gourmet offerings to suit all occasions; from party food, to gourmet single pies and family meals. Boscastle products are sold at cafes and special grocery stores across Australia while 80% of sales are currently in Victoria, where it is known for its premium pies.

The Boscastle business will continue as usual, whilst leveraging Patties Foods’ supply chain and sales capability. Patties says that the intention of the acquisition is to protect heartland of Boscastle in Victoria while making their pies and pastries into a nationally- loved brand.

For Boscastle’s 50 employees, business will remain as usual.

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