Bury yourself in 30 years of convenience industry history.

This year, C&I celebrates 30 years reporting on the life and times of the Australian convenience store industry and 26 years operating the industry’s only independent national industry expo.

To commemorate, the staff at C&I have produced a special sixteen page C&I 30th Anniversary Edition that celebrates these thirty tumultuous years.

The C&I 30th Anniversary Edition sets out a timeline showing how the industry has developed into what it is today as reflected in the pages of C&I over its thirty years. It sets out a separate timeline for each one of those thirty years.

From the very first rudimentary convenience stores to the development of sophisticated foodservice offers. From the free for all wild west service station industry days of the eighties to today’s rigid franchise structures that are choking the life out of so many businesses. From disposed dealers to courtroom battles. Plus it highlights new product fads that have come and gone plus the progressive absorption of smaller chains by the major players.

At the same time there’s an interesting and entertaining yarn from our founder, Keith Berg, about the life and times of the company that founded C&I, detailing its trials, tribulations, victories and defeats.

The team at C&I commends this special 30 year Anniversary Edition to all students of the industry who are looking to the future and for those who think they might enjoy a walk down memory lane.

The C&I 30th Anniversary edition will be distributed free of charge with the latest issue of C&I magazine and can also be seen online at www.c-store.com.au.

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