Botanica by Air Wick launches The Rare Bloom Project

Botanica by Air Wick has launched The Rare Bloom Project, which will work to help save 120 native wildflower species from the threat of extinction.

The three-year project has been launched in partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature Australia (WWF) and in collaboration with The Australian Seed Bank Partnership (ASBP).

We have more than 24,000 species of native flora in Australia and of those, 1,344 flora species are under serious threat.

The Black Summer bushfires of 2019/20 placed further pressure on our struggling ecosystems, many of which were experiencing severe drought. Since then, the Final National prioritisation of Australian plants has identified an additional 486 species in need of urgent attention.

The variety of wildflowers, other flora, micro-organisms and fauna make up Australia’s unique biodiversity; essential to providing fresh air, water, food security, shelter and medicines.

The greater the diversity of plants, the more resilient an ecosystem will be to threats and change. Genetic diversity is crucial to maintaining a species, and species diversity is crucial to maintaining a healthy ecosystem, which we cannot survive without. 

To help conserve our nation’s rich biodiversity, The Rare Bloom Project was created to help protect native flora for the benefit of future generations.

Through this partnership with Botanica by Air Wick, WWF is collaborating with The Australian Seed Bank Partnership (ASBP) to proactively build collections of flora species. This will be done through a mix of proactive seed collection, germination trials, and propagation to help protect these species from extinction.

To launch The Rare Bloom Project a new TVC from Air Wick will air nationally from 21 February. The creative shares the story of Botanica by Air Wick’s goal to connect people with nature and help protect Australia’s threatened native wildflowers.

Botanica by Air Wick is a sub-brand of Air Wick; a curated collection of nature-inspired fragrances infused with exotic natural ingredients that are responsibly sourced from around the world.

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  1. Great idea. Is there a list of these endangered plants
    I am planting there verges around where I live. I would like to grow the endangered native flowers on the verges.

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