Bowser Bean Café implements new training program

Bowser Bean has implemented a training program to address industry challenges such as skills shortages and the shifting role of service stations.

The program, named the Daily Grind and delivered through the multi-location software solution FranConnect, offers staff the ability to complete training from wherever and whenever they want.

Jane Tierney, In-House Counsel at Bowser Bean, said they needed a better way to communicate with their frontline staff, who are the most important people in the business when it comes to addressing customer needs.

“The new system ensures all our staff have the highest proficiency of skills for their role while at the same time meeting all the external regulatory requirements including in relation to food safety and forecourt management. Now we know we’re always exceeding expectations.”

One of the issues across service stations is a national skills shortage at the manager level, and through offering in-house training, Tierney said they are able to build and train their own managers rather than try and fill the positions externally.

“Our managers must have a unique skill set, such as the capacity to drive growth and business development. Through a modular training program that builds over time, we can offer this professional development to selected team members; these are also great skills for them to have throughout their careers.”

Another issue is the ever-evolving nature of the P&C industry, such as the introduction of electric vehicles, convenience-based retail centres, more premium food offerings, healthier foods, and increased shopping choices.

Tierney explained that the industry is an evolving space, and there is a question mark about what a traditional servo is and what it is going to become.

“This creates a gap between business operations and a company’s training practices. It’s a nationwide challenge and we believe we’re on the front foot.

“Food services are increasingly becoming a large part of service station operations, but across the industry we haven’t seen enough of the training that is required to facilitate this shift. Our training program ensures our team are skilled and resourced to grow with the evolving needs of the business,” said Tierney.

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